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  1. Hello, i made an order days ago and Michelle and Lucy keep telling me different different things about shipping or just dont reply at all… will my items really get shipped or did i just lose my money trusting your it would be an honest exchange?


  2. I placed an order on March 31st, and have not received my order, and cannot track the package. Every review I’ve seen received theirs within 5-9 days without issues. Can I get a heads up on what’s happened to it?? Order# 20150326-SBS282064019. EE937929673CN
    tracking numbers I received.


  3. When will my purchase be shipped? I purchased authentic shoes about a week and a half ago.
    Order 20150418-SBS726566418


    • Hi friend, MTCN is short for Money transfer contro number, which is a 10-digit number assigned to every money transfer you make through western union.
      Here you can get more info:


  4. When I ordered with you guys last western union said I would have to send the money through a store so when I ordered I didn’t receive a tracking number is it possible that I could get mine? My order number is 20150527-SBS722469957


  5. When will my order come in? Money gram notified me that the money was picked up. I still haven’t gotten q tracking number from you!
    Order number : 2015080809472164709m


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